Saturday, March 5, 2011


I didn't understand how communist China was. Amazing people. Almost everyone we meet is kind and willing to offer their services when we're lost or confused. But it is still communist and they don't want outside information to be brought into their country. It's really very eerie.

Oh btw the food is getting really old. So much oil. EVERYWHERE. But they had tomato soup last night. At least we think it was. One of the girls said to check for chicken feet before we dipped it out. Oh and I rode a donkey on the great wall yesterday. Haha just for a second but it was pretty cool. I really do love it here and the smog has finally lifted. I guess when a fog comes in it traps the cities smog for several days. Some of us got a cough but it's finally better. The wall was beautiful though. We even got to see the original wall that was built before some emperor fortified and unified the walls around the north side of china. Also, we rode a slide all the way down the mountain. It was like a ten minute slide. IT took a long time to get up though.

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